Happy Landon

We’ve recently had one of those times in our family, every year it seems, when we seem to just be tag-teaming each other with some sort of sickness. We’ve had ear infections, sinus infections, chest colds, head colds, Penny had a touch of pneumonia, I had the first case of the flu in Charleston County, and it just seems to wear us down in general.

Even little Landon had his first mild ear infection at 4 months. But he’s different… he hasn’t yet learned to moan and groan about his general aches and pains. Sure, he fusses a little here and there, but our whole family has been so encouraged by his happy demeanor, even when he’s sick. His smile is also contagious and we’ve all agreed that we need more of those around here lately.

Here are a couple more photos of him, learning how to bite his big toe… he’s a flexible kid!


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