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Randolph Hall – College of Charleston

Randolph Hall is one of the original buildings at the school and is a center point of the campus. The raised part of brickwork behind the lamp posts is called The Cistern. It’s the cistern which, in ages past, was not filled with dirt, but water – for watering horses belonging to locals and travelers. Every Mother’s Day, the college builds a simple stage over the top of The Cistern and holds commencement ceremonies for graduating students. On either side of the center brick walk are expansive and lush lawns for relaxing, playing and studying…usually in that order. The massive oak trees were beaten, but not entirely broken by Hurricane Huge in 1989. They stand as a testament to the resilience of a city and a school. Lots of great memories in this place!

I made this photo of Randolph Hall to frame with my diploma. I liked the way the flag looked in this one…