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Logan Russell Locklair

Well, May 10, 2007 was a momentus day in the Locklair house. Our third child was born — a boy! No one was more surprised than Penny and I. It has been our tradition to not find out the gender of any of our children, in spite of threats of bodily harm from immediate family members. We see it as one of the last surprises in life — call us “old fashioned.” Since we have two girls already, everybody was rooting for a boy, of course. We had all of our friends making their guesses, Penny and I both thought we were having another girl. One dear friend was convinced that we were having twins, despite the ultrasound results showing just one baby. SO, you can imagine our joyful surprise when little Logan came into the world.

Of course, we would have loved a boy or girl equally. We know how to raise girls, so the boy is a journey into the little known for us as parents. God had in store for us another adventure — and we are up to the task, excited as all git out!