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Logan and Guitar

My brother surprised me when we gathered at his house for Christmas last year. He said, “Oh, I found something in the attic that I’ve been meaning to give you.” It was my first guitar that I got when I was around 14. I thought it had been thrown out or lost long ago, so it was a great surprise! It’s pretty much shot from the heat, but Logan has taken a liking to it and is starting to “play” it like that kid in the movie, August Rush. Start ’em young…

Erin’s Find….

So, Penny is helping Erin get out of the back seat of our van this past week and I hear this brief conversation:

Penny:  “Erin, what is that on your finger?”

Erin:  “It’s a booger…out of my ear.”

Penny:  “Mmm. Nice… Let’s go eat lunch now…”