The Smooth Slide into Senility…

So, one of my running shoes broke. Don’t wear them that often – hard to believe, I know…but I’m working on it. So I look up the number for Nike support and put it on a list where it sits for a few weeks. 

Finally, yesterday, I’m out running errands and I call them. Jack answers the phone and he’s really helpful. I tell him the problem with my left shoe and he apologizes and assures me that they will take care of it. He creates a support case for me and tells me a couple of numbers they need from the shoe. I tell him I’m away from home, but I’ll call my wife, get the info and call him right back. Great. 

I call Penny and tell her the info Jack needs from the inside of my left shoe with the “N” on the side. The moment I tell her that is the moment I realize what she confirms to me next, “John, you have New Balance running shoes.”

I’m pretty sure I’m up on some sort of wall at Nike headquarters in Oregon. Jack was still laughing in the kindest way possible when we hung up. I think I’m just going to buy a new pair of tennis shoes and not try all that again with New Balance… It’s rough gettin’ old, folks!

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