What I wouldn’t give…

I remember my friend Paul’s words making their initial impact and they have stuck with me daily for the past 7 years. I had accepted the opportunity to visit a remote village in Borneo in the summer of 2004 and had observed poverty, squalor – and yet, happiness – like I’ve never seen before. His words that struck me were simple and honest: “Yeah, this is how most of the world lives.”

I was reminded of this again after reading Paul’s post entitled, “I Can Make You Happy… Right Now.” (http://www NULL.faithactivators NULL.com/i-can-make-you-happy-right-now/) Of course, I jumped at even the thought of him actually coming through with his offer – and now, having read the surprisingly brief  article, I am positive that he does. Read it by clicking the title and let me know if you agree.

It also reminded me of a phrase I have heard in various places, by various people in various situations and income levels, or lack thereof.

“What I wouldn’t give for…”

…and then fill in the blank with whatever it is we think will make us happy. I know from experience that going down that road in my head and my reality hardly ever leads to where I thought it would, and usually in the other direction.

Lord, make me a grateful person for your presence in my life and for the people, places and provision you have placed in my life. Let us all be able to say wholeheartedly, “I am truly blessed!”

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