Perceived vs. Actual…

So, I had a brief dialogue with Logan earlier today about the hierarchy of leadership in our home. I had this little talk with him after he decided to not accept my decision on when he could have a piece of gum – after I finished lunch vs. now. I had him come stand in front of me and we had this calm little chat that went like this:

“Logan, who is the Daddy?”

“You are.”

“And who is the son?”


“And who is the boss?”

“Mmm… Mommy.”

“Ah…hmm…I see. Well go ask Mommy when you can have a piece of gum…”

And…backfire! I guess I’ll do some research and write another post on the authority of the father in the home. In the meantime, cancel your plans for tonight and go see Courageous (http://www NULL.courageousthemovie at a movie theater near you. Excellent, impactful movie!

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