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Erin’s Find….

So, Penny is helping Erin get out of the back seat of our van this past week and I hear this brief conversation:

Penny:  “Erin, what is that on your finger?”

Erin:  “It’s a booger…out of my ear.”

Penny:  “Mmm. Nice… Let’s go eat lunch now…”

Erin is ready to go swimming!

Erin loves her goggles when she goes swimming. They make her look a little like Catwoman in a wind tunnel, but… she likes them.

Harley and the girls

Merritt got a new dog on September 16, 2007. We found a cute little 4-month old MaltiPoo (Maltese / Poodle mix) at a breeder in Columbia. She makes a great addition to our family and Inky loves her too…even lets her eat out of her bowl…most of the time.

She looks a little like Jabba The Hut’s pet…thing in this photo, but she’d had a long day and cleans up really nice.

Logan’s favorite hangout — the bouncy seat

Logan is about four and a half months old now and is truly growing into a little boy.