The Locklairs at Riverbanks Zoo – May 2010

Sleepy koala (http://www King (http://www feeds the birds nectar (http://www kind of 'keets... (http://www and the marble tiger (http://www think this is the little brother of that guy that got Newman in Jurassic Park? (http://www
Erin and the koalas (http://www and the giraffes (http://www Closeup (http://www and Merritt with an old timey wagon... yes, just like Little House on the Prarie (http://www monkey (http://www loved this blonde braided horse (http://www
Little house in the woods (http://www (http://www! (http://www, so it wasn't ALL sunshine and roses... nap time (for Daddy). (http://www on brass elephant. (http://www wouldn't get on so I knocked on the elephant to show it was metal. He had to check it out for himself. (http://www
Elephant (http://www eating... (http://www at rest... (http://www in a bad mood I guess. He looked friendly enough... (http://www monitor (http://www tree kangaroo looks like a live stuffed animal. (http://www

The Locklairs at Riverbanks Zoo – May 2010 (http://www, a set on Flickr.

We had a great time at the zoo last year!

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